Burkina: The 19th edition of the Ouagadougou International Theater and Puppet Festival scheduled for October 26 to 31

Ouagadougou, The 19th edition of the Ouagadougou International Theater and Puppet Festival is scheduled for October 26 to 31. The program of activities was revealed on Thursday October 19 during a press conference.

According to the president and artistic director of FITMO, Dr Hamadou Mandé, the 19th edition of the Ouagadougou International Theater and Puppet Festival/Burkina Arts Festival (FITMO/FAB) will take place under the theme “Art and freedom”.

Several activities are planned on the program, including dance, theater, puppet and storytelling shows.

The Festival will also be marked by a conference on the theme of the 19th edition which will be held on Tuesday October 24 and Wednesday October 25 at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University.

In addition to the conference, there will also be professional meetings and training, including journalistic writing workshops, documentary theater workshops, visual arts workshops, physical art workshops.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for Thursday October 26, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. at the Gambidi cultural space. It will be followed by a play entitled “Renaissance” presented by the theater group “Théâtre de la Fraternité” from Burkina Faso.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Invocation of Abbaa Gadaas at Irreechaa Festival

Invocation of Abbaa Gadaas as part of Irreechaa Festival in Addis Ababa today.

Inscribed in 2016 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, Gada is a traditional system of governance used by the Oromo people in Ethiopia developed from knowledge gained by community experience over generations.

The system is led by Abbaa Gadaa to regulate political, economic, social and religious activities of the community dealing with issues such as conflict resolution, reparation and protecting women’s rights.

It serves as a mechanism for enforcing moral conduct, building social cohesion, and expressing forms of community culture. Gada is organized into five classes with one of these functioning as the ruling class consisting of a chairperson, officials and an assembly.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Celebration of Irreechaa Festival Underway in Addis Ababa Colorfully

The celebration of Hora Finfinne, part of the Irreechaa festival, is underway today in Addis Ababa colorfully.

Irreechaa is a traditional Oromo thanksgiving celebrated every year at the bank of a river to mark the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the harvesting season.

Dressed in unique traditional outfits, people from various parts of the country gathered on Saturday morning in Hora Finfinnee, Addis Ababa to celebrate the occasion.

This year’s Irreechaa festival is being celebrated under the motto “Irreechaa: Symbol of Unity and Brotherhood.” in the presence of various segments of the society including Aba Gadas and Hadha Sinqes.

The celebration is a special stage in which the people display its cultural and spiritual values including beauty, aesthetics, and unity to the world where cultural singing and dancing are common.

Irreechaa is based on the traditional thanksgiving event to the Waka or Wakayo who is believed to create the heavens and the earth.

The Oromos thank the Waka (GOD) for good harvest, promotion of family human and soil fertility and livestock health and primarily for peace in their communities.

Irreechaa is celebrated in different localities across Oromia and worldwide where Oromos are living.

In particular, the Irreechaa festivity which is taking place at Hora Finfinne in Addis Ababa and Hora Arsadi in Bishoftu town, is a unique thanksgiving festival which brings together many people from all corners of Oromia and the country.

The celebration of Hora Arsadi in Bishoftu town of Oromia region will be held colorfully tomorrow.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in his best wishes message for the celebration noted that Irreechaa is a festival of justice, equality, love and unity that demonstrates fraternity and solidarity among the people urging all to work hard to do away with obstacles and make tomorrow brighter.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Culture: musician Philbill says unlawfully detained in Europe

Cameroonian artist, Philbill says he is being unlawfully detained and his passport confiscated in Germany by Rosette Loe, of Newol entertainment.

Diyani Bill Munyenge, popularly known as Phillbill says he was hired by Newol entertainment for a European tour that was scheduled to take place this August but unfortunately he was not booked enough.

He made the revelation in a live video on his Facebook page on Thursday August 17, where he explained:

“Rosette Loe of Newol entertainment is the one who brought me here for my European tour but unfortunately the date was not yet known and she proposed I stay with her friend in Switzerland. A proposal I turned down because I enjoy privacy and so I rpaid my way back to Cameroon because there were no performance days booked.”

He further says while in Cameroon, the lady informed him that he had performance dates and so should return to Germany for a tour. To his greatest surprise upon arrival, there was no tour.

“As I discovered that there were no dates booked yet, I asked what should be done. She took my passport claiming it was to establish a residence declaration but kept me in an apartment. Here in my apartment there is no food. She complained that there were no funds for it and that she had spent a lot and so I decided to take on the charges again.

“She kept on assuring me, telling me that I cannot perform just anywhere because I am not just any celebrity. Even my manager proposed 6 dates which she all rejected.

“This lady doesn’t want me to go out and even if I’m going out, it should be with her or her team.”

Phillbill further says he discovered that the tour was already a failure and wanted them to part ways after the treatment he received from his business partner. He tried in vain to get his passport. He adds that he had a performance in Nuremberg, Germany but couldn’t make it because Rosette was retaining his passport.

Philbill announced he has filed a complaint at the Police. This he says was after Rosette and her team made a recent outing which he considered was damaging to his career and defamatory.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Yatenga: The 6th edition of “Show Culture Holidays of Ouahigouya” launched

The Sport and Culture Association of Ouahigouya officially launched, on Friday July 14, 2023, the 6th edition of “Show Vacances Culture de Ouahigouya”.

Placed under the theme “Contribution of culture to the search for peace”, this 6th edition of this cultural and artistic holiday event will put young people from all categories in competition on the set through several artistic disciplines related to the theme. of this edition every Thursday and Sunday.

In his speech at the launch of the activities, Boureima Bikolo Ouédraogo promoter of Show Vacances Culture de Ouahigouya indicated that “This launch day of our activities comforts us as organizers to contribute to the safeguarding and enhancement of our cultural heritage and all crowned by the pride of succeeding in the challenge of holding the activity with the aim of seeking peace in the northern region. »

While wishing good holidays to the youth and to all the competitors, he requested the involvement and support of the municipal and provincial authorities for the promotion of culture.

The grand finale is scheduled to be held on September 15, 2023 in the performance hall of the Ouahigouya youth center.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Fodder production: MODHEM+/SDC equips actors in the field

The project to improve livestock mobility and income of agro-pastoralists through the use of mobile telephony and satellite imagery / pastoral infrastructure component (MODHEM+/SDC), organized on Tuesday 20 June 2023 in Ouagadougou, a training workshop on technical itineraries in the context of fodder production, for the 2023-2024 campaign.

Burkinabè herders are increasingly confronted with a lack of fodder for their animals, due, among other things, to the intensity of the exploitation of resources, bush fires and the non-renewal of this natural food.

The Project to Improve Livestock Mobility and Income of Agropastoralists through the Use of Mobile Phones and Satellite Imagery / Pastoral Infrastructure Component (MODHEM+/SDC), has undertaken actions since its implementation, to contribute to solve this serious problem which weighs down the rural economy and consequently, the national economy when one knows the weight of the pastoral sector in the GDP.

One of the solutions is the sowing of land with good varieties of fodder and the best maintain nurseries.

Dr Souleymane Ouédraogo: “There are several alternatives. Each producer will be able to make his choice”. (Dr. Ouedraogo)

To achieve this objective, MODHEM+/SDC organized on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 in Ouagadougou, a training workshop on technical itineraries within the framework of fodder production for the 2023-2024 campaign.

In total, around sixty actors on the ground, including heads of regional pastoral development services, ZATE leaders and focal points, took part in this meeting of giving and receiving.

In order to achieve very good results, MODHEM+/SDC called on two researchers from the National Institute for the Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA).

According to one of the trainers, Dr Souleymane Ouédraogo, the traditional livestock system is struggling to function these days, as the savanna no longer regulates itself normally. This situation, he continues, forces pastoralists to constantly explore other horizons to find something to feed their animals.

Kassoum Ouédraogo: “Our objective is to improve the production of fodder in quality and quantity”.

“To reverse this is fodder production. These are pastoral arrangements to reseed in order to allow the environment to renew itself, ”he advised.

Dr. Ouédraogo recalled that apart from export crops, pastoralism represents a large part of the national economy.

In his opinion, it is important to focus on fodder production because the livestock sector employs 90% of the active population and generates thousands of jobs.

For the coordinator of the MODHEM+/SDC project, Kassoum Ouédraogo, the meeting aims to refine strategies to reach all the areas of intervention of the project with fodder production.

He explained that dual-purpose species were chosen to produce both seeds for household food and enough biomass to feed livestock. These species are sorghum (Sariaso 16), cowpea (Tilgré and KVX 745 11P).

Also, there are mainly fodder species (Pennissetum pedicelatum and Brachiaria mulato II) which will be sown over large areas.

For Stéphane Tuina, the project aims to restore and regenerate grazing areas/areas of nearly 900 hectares.

Kassoum Ouédraogo indicated that behind these fodder species, there are technical itineraries that pastoral officials and focal points must take note of, in order to relay them to the base.

These technical itineraries show when and how to sow, how to maintain the plots and the right time to harvest.

The head of the pastoral development department of the Center-South region, Boukaré Guira, said that the basics acquired will make it possible to support producers in the field.

He was especially delighted because thanks to the MODHEM+/SDC project which made his region a pilot locality for the production of fodder, a large quantity was harvested there last year.

For Boukaré Guira, the support in the production of fodder and seeds will promote a large production of milk and a better quality of meat.

As a reminder, MODHEM+/SDC is implemented by the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), thanks to funding from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

The Deputy Director of SNV in Burkina Faso, Stéphane Tuina, praised the resilience of agropastoralists, given the difficult security context.

Stéphane Tuina said that the training aims to enable actors to significantly increase their productions, to face the huge deficits that are looming on the horizon.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Emerging Ethiopian Coffee Company Among Winners of Africa Food Awards

The emerging coffee company, Wild Coffee Ethiopia, has won the Africa Food Awards as one of the rising star companies of the year, the Ethiopian Embassy in Kenya disclosed.

In a ceremony which took place yesterday, Managing Director of Wild Coffee Ethiopia, Gezahegn Mamo, received the award at a ceremony held at Safaripark Hotel in Nairobi.

During the occasion, Gezahegn announced that the company will open the first international wild coffee tasting house in the capital city of Kenya very soon.

Over 50 African companies received different awards in various categories at the recognition ceremony.

Since its first edition in 2017, the Africa Food Awards celebrates people, new product innovations, sustainability initiatives, and leading companies in Africa’s food industry.

The award has become sub-Sahara Africa’s most respected food industry award.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Moroccan El Kouraji wins 2023 International Cycling Tour of Cameroon

El Kouraji Mohcine is the winner of the 19th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon, which took place from June 3-11, 2023.

The Moroccan grabbed the yellow jersey after recording the best overall performance in all eight laps. He finished 9th in the final phase of the competition.

“I came to Cameroon to win the tour. I had won my first tour in Cote d’Ivoire. This is the second tour for me. Thanks to all of the organizers of the competition” El Kouraji said.

The best Cameroonian, Michel Boris Tiencheu, was ranked fourth in the general classification. His compatriot Clovis Kamzong Abessolo, finished second in the last lap on Sunday, behind Ed Doghmy Achraf from Morocco, who covered the 118km distance from Bafia to Yaounde in 2 hours 57 minutes and 26 seconds.

45 cyclists thronged the streets of the four cultural zones of Cameroon in this year’s event from the North in Garoua, down South to Yaounde in the Centre region.

Nine teams from eight countries were represented, with cyclists from the Maghreban region of Africa dominating.

Source: Cameroon News Agency