Loroum: Titao supplied with basic necessities

The town of Titao was once again supplied with basic necessities on Friday June 7, 2024, after 3 months of shortage.

Departing on the morning of Friday June 7, 2024, around 9 am, it was around 2 pm that the convoy of vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles set foot on Titao, to the cheers of onlookers along the tracks.

A few weeks before, the need for fuel was felt in the city.

The generators of the Veneem Electric Cooperative had stopped working and the locality had plunged into darkness again.

There was no longer any ice water or packaged water sachets on the market.

‘We returned to manual packaging of water in plastic bags in order to deal with emergencies,’ said a woman in full activity.

Drinking establishments and some restaurants had been closed due to lack of fuel.

‘There’s not much going on in Titao right now. There isn’t even any fuel. We do our shopping on foot,’ added another resident.

Sitting on goods in the trucks or in the public transport buses of the convoy, several hundred people decided
to return home.

‘Our journey went well. There were only a few mines that the Defense and Security Forces successfully defused,’ said a trader.

With the arrival of the convoy, Titao regained its former animation. The market square was stormed by residents who came to stock up on products.

‘We are relieved with the arrival of the convoy. Several basic necessities are now available,’ rejoiced a woman who came to the market.

Another, basket in hand, added, ‘Only, we no longer have anything to pay for the products, because money is scarce in the city.’

All night, the transporters unloaded their cargoes and reloaded other goods, notably market garden products for Ouahigouya and Ouagadougou.

The procession of several vehicles set off early the next Saturday morning for the return trip, leaving behind an enthusiastic population.

The city of Titao has been going through a difficult security situation since 2021, but with the multiple efforts of the armed forces and the recent creation of the Rapid Intervention
Brigade (BIR) 21, several opening-up initiatives are being undertaken to the delight of local populations.

Source: Burkina Information Agency