Results of the 1st round of BEPC 2024: Ganzourgou records 34.15% success

Zorgho: The results of the first round of the First Cycle Studies Certificate (BEPC) examinations fell on June 11, 2024 in the various juries in Ganzourgou in the Central Plateau region. The province records a 34.15% success rate.

Out of 3231 candidates registered for the BEPC session of 2024 in the province of Ganzourgou including 1109 boys and 2122 girls, 1088 boys and 2080 girls, a total of 3168 candidates responded.

Of these candidates present, 483 boys and 599 girls, or a total of 1082 candidates, were admitted to the first round, representing an overall success rate of 34.15% including 44.39% for boys and 28.80% for girls.

1380 candidates including 442 boys and 938 girls are called upon to take the control tests commonly called second round tests.

Of the 12 juries in the province, the Zorgho 3 jury recorded the highest rate in the first round, i.e. 45.08%. The lowest rate is recorded at the Zam 1 jury, i.e. 20.24%.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: More than 1 billion FCFA to improve the living and study conditions of students.

Ouagadougou: The Burkinabè National Lottery (LONAB) and the National Fund for Education and Research (FONER) signed, Monday, a financing agreement of one billion 250 million CFA francs with a view to to improve the living and study conditions of students.

According to the Minister in charge of the Economy Aboubakar Nacanabo, this subsidy which covers the period 2024-2028 will be allocated at the rate of 250 million CFA francs per year.

For him, the signing of the agreement on Monday June 10, 2024 in Ouagadougou, reflects LONAB’s desire to curb the financial problems linked to studies.

This memorandum of understanding is part of the general framework of LONAB’s support for the care of non-scholarship Burkinabe students regularly enrolled in public higher education establishments, the minister indicated.

Aboubakar Nacanabo explained that the agreement also takes into account students registered in the second year of a master’s degree or in the doctoral cycle for research costs or to participate in conferenc
es, seminars and workshops.

Furthermore, activities of a social, cultural and sporting nature for the benefit of students, carried out in particular by student associations or structures, will benefit from this financial support, clarified Aboubakar Nacanabo.

Education being a priority for Burkina Faso, Aboubakar Nacanabo reassured everyone that LONAB will continue this type of support within the limits of its possibilities.

It should be remembered that this agreement follows that signed in November 2018 and which has expired.

According to FONER data, in 2023 aid grants were granted to 85,000 students.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Djerem SDO prohibits students from loitering around school campuses

The Senior Divisional Officer for Djerem division in the Adamawa region, Saffo Roger, has prohibited the loitering of students around school premises during study hours.

The administrative authority penned down the threat in an order issued recently warning that his office would arrest students in his administrative division who attempted to go against this restriction.

‘Any student who is found on the streets and other leisure places during the regular course hours will be arrested by the law enforcement forces and taken to the local police or gendarmerie station to be kept in custody until the intervention of a parent or a school administrator,’ part of the order read.

This is not the first time that such a measure has been taken by local authorities. In February 2023, the DO Penka Michel in the West region, mobilized the police to pursue and arrest students loitering around the town during school hours.

In October 2022, the main police commissioner Germain Djakedi of Yagoua in the Far North, decided t
o reactivate the fight against truancy to limit massive failures in end-of-year exams.

These measures contribute to the fight against school absenteeism, often linked to academic failure and school dropout.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Douala: Teacher arrested for beating student to death

A secondary school student of the College of Hopes, Arts and Science (COHAS), found in Bepanda – Douala was flogged to death by her teacher early Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Unable to withstand the beatings, Vera Mbong collapsed. She was only rushed to the hospital when her classmates rioted.

While at the Deido District hospital, doctors declared Vera was dead.

No clear explanation was given on what must have transpired, pushing the teacher who is allegedly in custody to beat the student to death.

A student who gave the name of the teacher as Mr. Francis disclosed that ‘He is fond of beating students as if they were not humans’.

The school has not made any declarations.

This incident happened exactly one year after the Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Nalova Lyonga banned corporal punishment in schools across the country- Secondary Education Minister prohibits corporal punishment in schools – Cameroon News Agency

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Mouhoun/Education: learning according to the skills approach at the center of exchanges

Dédougou, (AIB) – The High Commissioner of the Mouhoun province , Souleymane Nacanabo, representing the Governor, chaired , on December 5, 2023 in Dédougou, the annual conference of secondary education inspectors of the region of Boucle du Mouhoun , under the theme: “ learning according to the Competency-Based Approach (APC)” .

The quest for quality education is a major concern of the authorities of our dear country. Building on this concern and with the aim of harmonizing the vision for an education system meeting national aspirations, the annual conferences of secondary education inspectors are established.

The annual conference is held under the theme: “ learning according to the Competency-Based Approach (CPA)”.

It aims to strengthen the skills of general education inspectors on learning according to the Competency-Based Approach to Integration Pedagogy (APC/PI) in connection with the curricular reforms undertaken by our country.

This theme invites secondary school supervisors to master the basic concepts in APC/PI, develop integration situations and a correction grid by discipline, propose strategies for better practice in the evaluation of learning in APC and develop lesson sheets according to APC by discipline.

The High Commissioner , Souleymane Nacanabo , focused on the curricular reforms of our education system which covers all levels of education.

“This ongoing reform should result in improving the quality, relevance and effectiveness of education,” he maintained.

Also, he noted that this ambition of curricular reform requires from educational supervisors a new posture and appropriate frameworks capable of guaranteeing the chances of providing teachers with the skills necessary to accomplish their mission.

“I invite you to invest fully in order to appropriate this educational approach to effectively conduct the supervision and educational training of teachers in our region, ” he said .

For his part, the regional director of post-primary and secondary education in Boucle du Mouhoun, Dr Denis Vimboué, praised education stakeholders for their capacity for resilience and their high sense of duty .

He hoped that the discussions would make it possible to share the government’s vision which is to achieve quality education for all led by qualified staff committed to facing challenges.

For four days, participants will dissect the main theme and tackle workshop work in order to reflect on the best strategies for the successful implementation of the curriculum reforms undertaken .

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Zoundwéogo: Members of school governments retrained in communication and advocacy techniques

Manga, 50 students from primary and post-primary educational establishments in the communes of Guiba and Gogo in the province of Zoundwéogo, members of school governments, took part, from October 31 to November 1, 2023 in Manga, in a capacity building workshop in communication and advocacy techniques.

Members of school governments from primary and post-primary education establishments in the communes of Guiba and Gogo in the province of Zoundwéogo saw their capacities strengthened in communication and advocacy techniques. The initiative for this recycling session which lasted from October 31 to November 1, 2023 is from the Zak La Yilguemdé Association (AZLY).

It is part of the implementation of the program entitled “At school with complete peace of mind” which benefits from the financial and technical support of the Dutch Kinderpostzegels foundation, underlined, at the start of the session, the executive secretary of AZLY, Aimée Yaméogo .

A total of 50 students, including 24 from primary school and 26 from post-primary school, as well as their coordinating teachers, benefited from this training.

During the two days, thematic presentations, sharing of experiences, group work and capitalization workshops constituted the different articulations of the work carried out in “an active and participatory educational approach”, noted the facilitator of the workshop. Emile Ouédraogo.

The exchanges during these activities above all allowed participants to update themselves on the notions contained in the concepts of advocacy and lobbying. They also allowed them to be better equipped on the approach and content of advocacy, the link between communication and advocacy and the effective conduct of advocacy actions.

The participants, in their interventions, indicated that the development session was useful insofar as it will allow them to be more effective in the field by carrying out their communication and advocacy actions.

For them, the success of said actions will be essential to, on the one hand, strengthen mutual aid and solidarity between students and, on the other hand, obtain the necessary support from educational and administrative officials and community leaders for the resolution. concerns that undermine the academic success of many children such as the insecurity and precariousness of family life, stressful and unstable. This will, in turn, prevent several students from dropping out or failing at school, they added.

The “At school with complete peace of mind” program, in which the training activity is part, intends, by the end of 2024, to contribute to making “children capable of helping each other to maximize their opportunity”, according to the terms of reference. of the activity. It is based, adds the document, on the idea of the existence of close links between the notions of participation, education and empowerment, which must reinforce each other to add a “transformative” character to participation and the child’s resilience.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Doctoral studies 2023: Thirty students in mathematics and computer science present their research

Ouagadougou, The Mathematics and Computer Science Laboratory (LAMI) of Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, opened Tuesday, the 2023 doctoral studies with the participation of thirty students who will present for seventy-two hours their research, with the aim of preparing their defense in 2023 or at the beginning of 2024.

“The meeting which brings us together today and which will last three (03) days corresponds to the doctoral studies which will see the participation of 30 doctoral students in mathematics and computer science,” declared the director of the Mathematics and Computer Science Laboratory (LAMI ) of Joseph-Ki-Zerbo University, Stanislas Ouaro, former Minister of National Education.

For Mr. Ouaro, the Doctoral School of Science and Technology (ED-ST) wants to bring, among other things, students to become aware of the advantages of training through research, to the identification of their own potential and to the valorization of their skills.

He also explained that these 3 days of exchanges will allow doctoral students to communicate with an audience who is not a specialist in the subject covered to approach the post-thesis world, to practice team work, to discover the company in its diversity and its richness , and meet its actors.

Stanislas Ouaro noted that the meeting will also allow students to immerse themselves in the employment of doctors and to reflect on their integration through the definition of professional project.

“Preparing the thesis is a real professional experience that should be valued. This valorization is done through communication with others, through team collaboration, etc. “, he argued.

According to the former Minister of National Education, the areas of research at LAMI are algebra, analysis, differential equations, partial differential equations, mathematical modeling for life sciences and computer science. .

According to him, LAMI, which is a member of the Doctoral School of Science and Technology (ED-ST), brings together researchers, teacher-researchers and doctoral students in fundamental and applied mathematics, etc.

According to Stanislas Ouaro, the major innovations of this year 2023 are the running of sessions in face-to-face and online mode in order to take into account doctoral students and/or thesis directors on mission.

“ The registered doctoral student has his jury verify that he is regularly registered for a doctoral thesis followed by questions asked by the participants and discussion. Each jury includes the doctoral student’s thesis supervisor(s) and senior lecturer-researchers and researchers in the candidate’s specialty,” he confided.

The representative of the director of the ED-ST of KI-Zerbo University, Issaka Siko stressed that doctoral studies are part of the “essence” of life at LAMI.

Siko indicated that doctoral studies remain strong moments for reframing doctoral students in their research to enable them to finish their work in the desired time. “It’s an opportunity for them to finalize their research work to be able to support their doctorates,” he said.

Note that research activities are organized each year in the form of doctoral studies, presentations and seminars and workshops in order to encourage mixing between University students.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

UBa announced best university in national health exams


The University of Bamenda, UBa, grabbed 12 posts oit of 20 at the 2023 results of the Cameroon National Comprehensive Clinical and Therapeutic Examination for Medical Training.

The Faculty of Health Sciences, Bamenda produced the overall best results, with thr best two candidates.

“The excellent results can only be attributed to the visionary Leadership of UBa, VC-Prof. Theresia Nkuo-Akenji and collaborators.” A Facebook post read.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Burkina: Prime Minister congratulates students who chose agriculture as a career

Ouagadougou, The Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Me Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambèla, congratulated yesterday Friday in Bagré (Centre-East), students who, according to him, took the right option, to work in the profitable agriculture sector.

“Instead of being there jostling in recruitment offices just for administrative work which doesn’t lead to much, here we have the concrete. That is to say the work which nourishes its Man and which leads students to autonomy and self-employment”, declared Friday on the Bagrépôle site, Prime Minister Me Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambèla.

For the head of government, by returning to the land, these students have “made a good choice in a sector where there is no unemployment”.

He urged all Burkinabè people to get back to work, particularly agrosylvopastoral work.

“The earth does not bind. When you give yourself to her, she responds favorably”, faith of Me Apollinaire Kyelem of Tambèla.

According to him, it is enough to awaken the numerous “dormant potentials” to make Burkina Faso an agrosylvopastoral and industrial country.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Soon scientific cooperation between the universities of Burkina and those of Iran

Ouagadougou, The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Burkina Faso, Mojtaba Faghihi, announced on Friday scientific cooperation at the university level between his country and Burkina Faso.

“Two weeks ago documents were signed between the two countries within the framework of the Iran-Burkina joint commission and among these documents, there was one which concerned scientific cooperation,” declared Friday, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Burkina Faso, Mojtaba Faghihi .

The ambassador specified that the present visit of the president of the Technical and Professional University to Burkina Faso is the first step to make this commitment a reality.

The Iranian ambassador to Burkina spoke after an interview with the president of the university Joseph KI-Zerbo.

He also stressed that the Iranian Technical and Vocational University has succeeded in creating a bridge between the university and businesses and that this allows people who study there to easily find work.

Mojtaba Faghihi added that Joseph Ki-Zerbo University is the largest and oldest university in Burkina Faso with illustrious personalities as teachers.

For him, this interview made it possible to forge links between young people and between academic circles in the two countries.

“It is a promising prospect because academics from all over the world are able to understand each other and that is why they will be able to facilitate relations between the two countries,” insisted Mojtaba Faghihi.

He concluded these remarks by reminding that the Technical and Vocational University of Iran as well as its president Dr. Erfan Khosrvian who participated in the interview, are ready to share their experiences with Joseph KI-Zerbo University.

Source: Burkina Information Agency